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Dumpster Rentals – Top 3 Hidden Fees To Watch Out

So you are the hands on kind of person. You like to plan your construction projects and end up with a lot of construction rubble that needs to be hauled away. Or perhaps you are an Apartment manager rethinking the cost of your dumpster rentals. Either way, dumpsters are an essential part of many businesses. For the longest time, Waste companies have charged insanely high fees for dumpster rentals. Worse, business practices in the dumpster rental business have not been transparent and often unethical. Why? Because there were few players in the market and since it was a local business, not much oversight or regulation on Waste company dealings.

You’d think a recession would make companies change all that and line up their ducks in a row. Not quite. Not all places in the United States enjoy a true competitive capitalistic market for Waste services. Dumpster rentals are still monopolies in most places and do not offer much of an incentive for providers to clean up their act.

If you are looking to rent a dumpster, you need to look out for yourself. And these tips are a starting point. Watch out for the hidden fees. Dumpster companies LOVE this for some reason, just like Wireless carriers. When they say your dumpster costs $X, $X + tax would be an acceptable bill. But what if your bill read $X + $100!!?? Worse, regular customers often provide their credit cards to the companies and end up getting billed. You are thinking that you paid $X but every time you rent one or more dumpsters.

Here are the Top 3 hidden fees to avoid. If your provider charges these, you have every right to ask why. Or at least take these into account when you compare rental costs between multiple providers. If you are not shopping around, you are being taken for a ride. Take my word for it.

1.        Fuel Surcharges: It is true that fuel prices vary and causes significant shifts in the profit margins for trucking and Waste Management companies. But adding a fuel surcharge to every bill at all times is nothing short of unethical. If a company believes that it deserves the extra fees, why not just add it to the regular price and compete at that level. Dumpster rental companies, even the ones that claim that they are “discount” providers, often add this charge to account for variances in fuel prices. Quite the scam.


2.        Environmental Fees: This one is the best. The idea is that companies incur costs related to disposal of certain hazardous wastes and certain controlled materials such as tires or electronics. Compliance with State or federal laws means additional paperwork that goes with keeping records of such disposal and maintaining these records in a reliable fashion. All this is cost to the company that they pass on to you in the form of environmental fees. However, as with Fuel Surcharges, this fee is no different than any of the thousands of other laws that companies are required to comply with and tons of paperwork that they maintain. Why charge separately for just the environmental bit? In fact, being Waste service providers, this is THE cost that they should consider cost of doing business over all others. Not the other way around.


3.        Administrative Fees: This is again, the blanket fee that allows companies to raise/lower prices and control margins without changing publicly displayed prices. Just bad business practice, that no customer likes.


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