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dumpster pricing
crappy clothes for vacation?

im going to chicago next week and i need crappy clothes
its for a 1 week mission trip for my church
the group sponcer said to wear clothes that – after the day is over we can throw in the trash because they will be too dirty and smelly to want to take home

i just need LOW priced clothes that wouldnt b a big deal to toss into a dumpster
where can i find some

any thrift stores nearby; most have scrub pants which are awesome for mission trips, because you won’t get debris all over your legs, and they are so lightweight and easy to work in. t-shirts at thrift stores are usually around 50 cents to 1 dollar. scrub pants shouldn’t be much more, either. good luck with your mission trip!

Written by Dumpster Man

February 14th, 2006 at 5:26 pm