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What kind of skateboard do I need?

I have a crappy one i found in a dumpster. the wood is chipping off and there is absolutely no grip tape. but it stears really good and i want one just like it, except better condition. keep in mind i’m a newbie on skateboarding. i know being a 17 yo girl is a little late to start, but theres a skatepark down the street and tons of teenage boys to help me (no, i’m not doing it for the boys).

when it comes to buying a new board though, ebay is my buying place. i want a board mainly for doing tricks, etc. but one that will also work for transportation/riding.

what ply do i need, and also length/width?
50 is my price limit for a complete board. is that reasonable? and there are no skate shops around and i’m not up for buying a crappy wal mart board.

thanks for the websites, but i need length/width of a skateboard that could work for me and also ply? 7 or 9?

Although CCS is great, try Blackholeboards.com. Way better selection on decks, trucks, wheels, etc. and it costs less than any other site including CCS. Length doesn’t matter too much and many sites won’t even bother telling it to you- only width. If you skate mostly street/technical, you will generally want a smaller deck like a 7.5, 7.625 etc. Lower than 8.0 for sure. If you mainly skate vert (ramps) you will want a wider board. It depends how big your feet are and what feels comfortable. Most decks are 7 ply, though you can buy 8 ply or I think 9. Since you probably won’t be boardsliding, 8 or 9 isn’t really going to do anything for you. BTW, $50 will cover a deck. I know that buying a complete skateboard is expensive, but once you buy it, then all you really need to replace every couple of months is the deck, and if you keep your bearings clean, they can last very long. For decks, Alien Workshop, Almost, Baker, Enjoi, Girl, Plan B, Zero are all good. Don’t get Element- Period!!! For trucks, just stick with the main brands and you will be fine (Tensor [my favorite], Thunder, Silver, Krux, Grindking, Destructo, Independent, Venture, etc. For wheels, don’t go with Spitfire. I know they have cool graphics, but they are bad quality and get flatspots (you don’t want that…) Try Ricta, or Bones. Bearings, go with Bones Reds- they are inexpensive (around 16 bucks depending on where you get them), they last, and they are fast and smooth. Hardwear is hardwear, those are the nuts and bolts that attach your trucks to your board. Get what looks cool/matches your trucks/deck/wheels because hardwear is just cool looking screws. Griptape, go with Mob, or Black Magic. So thats it. Hope this helped :D

2003 Tymco 435 Street Sweeper for sale, Backing up to dumpster

Written by Dumpster Man

January 24th, 2010 at 8:21 am