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Have you ever been in a morgue?

I just started working at a construction company that seals doors and windows and such. I had to go to a hospital to work today and they were culking stuff in the morgue. The people in there were drinking soda and watching the price is right on t.v. I don’t like this job but I don’t want to quit because it’s my neighbor’s co. Two more days at the morgue too. I got a funny feeling in my body even though I couldn’t see any bodies, but I knew they were there. The hillbillies that work for him thought the shit was funny. The other new kids were scared too! They say the city kids are weak. Do you think my neighbor would get mad if I quit? I don’t do anything but carry things and stuff the dumpster, but I get 14.80 an hr which is great.

Tough it out. You will feel better about yourself. Prove you are a man to them and yourself. It is only 2 more days. Yea city kids do have a rep for being weak. Country boys are usually stronger. Oh, Honey I am a hillbilly. I do live in the city now. Good Luck, You would be better off being afraid of the living. The dead won’t bother you. Wimp or Man, it is your choice.

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Written by Dumpster Man

August 8th, 2006 at 7:56 am