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do you think that everyone is going to eventually go into the great depression again ? because of the economy, gas prices ,and losin money ? people are losing they’re homes left and right because of high prices and not having enough money to pay house bills and even take care of children . so many people are starting to dumpster dive for metal to scrap and mak money . this is not good . whats our world coming to ? lets just hope we have a good president come and fix that up . give me your opinion on my questions and things . thnx

Bibs is totally incorrect, as our government can control what goes on in China and India. If a business here moves a job overseas, than they should still be made to pay the taxes as if that persons job still existed locally, we can cap jobs being outsourced very easily and grow our own economy at the same time, it is called local content. You want to sell a tv, computer, mp3 player, clothes, car or whatever in this country, than not only does the product have to be assembled here, but 70% of its content has to be produced here. Do not say it will not work, because other country’s have the same laws in place. Until the rest of the world plays fairly and openly in regards to traded, than we need to enact a local content law to protect our jobs, our economy and our way of life!

Written by Dumpster Man

January 24th, 2008 at 5:38 am