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dumpster prices
if you went dumpster diving, what items that you find, would you try and sell on infomercials?

just for fun, if you went dumpster diving and found somethings, what if any would you create informercials for and try to sell them? also what would be your asking price for the stuff you found in the dumpster?

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the all new and improved handy dandy recycled baby diaper, with leak guard and elastic on the side for stretchy comfort.

That’s right, folks. It’s neither new, or improved but it IS recycled. Yes, it smells like SHT, in fact, it IS SHT but at least that will save you the trouble of wondering “where is that smell coming fron?”

Easy to use and completely biodegradable your baby will feel right at home in this cushy smooshy sack. Fun for hours. And if you call right now, we’ll give you not only ONE, not only TWO, but TEN of these recycled baby diapers for the incredible price of…………99 cents. That’s right. TEN recycled diapers, excrement included for the low price of under a buck. So put down that screaming kid, pick up your phone and dial now…

and for the first 50 callers we will include a FREE PACIFIER. God knows where its been but your baby will love it.

Now, don’t touch that dial shoppers because after the quick break we will be introducing our next item, the amazing superdooper always useles to have around WALMART BAG!!!!!!!!!! We’ll be back after these messages……..