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will Goldman sachs stock prices recover or should I bail out and recoup with tech stocks?

I am 50% invested in Goldman Sachs, 25% in Apple and 25% in Schlumberger. AAPL & SLB are doing good but GS is in the dumpster . Anybody got a crystal ball??

Mortgage paper has got Wall Street scared right good. And perhaps for good reason. All the financials are suffering the effect currently. There is a good chance that this is not going to be over for some time. Not until the Fed decides to bring interest rates back to 0, which I might add started the whole mess to begin with. The whole thing was a creation of Greenspan. Congress is aiming at the mortgage companies when they should be aiming at their hirlings.

Now gs is a good company and it is trading cheap but it can get cheaper still. In fact your tech stocks can also, especially if the mortgage mess starts to affect the non-financials. You might wish to ask yourself this question. Would I rather be in a stock like gs or a stock like aapl when the market decides to shed 25% of its value?

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