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CART’M alternative uses for trash?

Does anyone think that there community could accomplish this? I came from a small coastal town in Oregon. The local “dump” is a wonderful place. There are recycles areas for glass (dark and clear), paper, plastics, magazines, used lumber, used building products, tin, cardboard and many other things. They also have traditional dumpsters for things that can not be recycled *which is very little after your first visit*…they also have a resale shop that helps to fund the things they must pay to recycle, yes there is a financial cost with somethings. Many of the items in the resale are in perfect condition. And sold at very reasonable prices. You name it they sell it. They also hold a yearly event “trash art”artistic pieces that are made solely of trash. I created a wonderful archway for my garden using an old fireplace screen inset…used old saw blades, barbed wire, drill bits etc. to make it look celestial. It is amazing the spectacular art created. They also have classes

In Minneapolis, MN we don’t have a system as you describe, but recycling is possibly even easier:
Almost everything that is recycle-able is collected by the city via a green container you put next to your trash bin.
During part of the year you can set out your branches and leaves, which will be carted off and composted in large piles, which residents of some suburbs can later collect to use in their gardens.
A few times a year you can take your household hazardous waste to a special site for disposal.
We have a non profit business called “The Re-Use Center” where you can bring & donate lumber, roofing shingles, doors, light fixtures – anything that came off of a house basically.
For household goods that can be re-used, you don’t even have to leave home to have them taken away. Various charities regularly leave notices at your home telling you they want your used clothing and other goods, which you wash and leave out for them on the dates / times that they will be in the area OR schedule a date that is more convenient for you.

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