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Basic Guidelines to Knowing Dumpster Rental Prices

It was summer of 2005 when I met Rod. He is going to get married soon and he has this house that his parents gave him for a wedding present. It wasn’t a new house but the community where it is located is perfect for newlyweds. So he decided to have it renovated to be ready for his future wife to occupy. He was planning that as soon as they arrive from their honeymoon, the house will be ready for occupancy. He only has one problem though, he needs to finish the renovation is less than a month.

This is where I came into the picture. He asked me to bring him a couple of roll-off dumpsters so that he can finish his renovation fast. He found out that it will facilitate the removal of his trash if he will rent a dumpster. But first he asked me what my dumpster rental prices are; so, I gave him these basic guidelines:

I told him that he first needs to determine the amount of trash that he is going to collect. My dumpster trucks come in four various sizes: ten yards, 15 yards tall dumpster, 15 yards short dumpster and 20 yards. Depending on his specific need, I can give him any of these sizes for a week of rental period. He was happy to hear that I can provide him with a variety of sizes since he is not yet sure what to rent. I gave him some tips on what items can be loaded on each of the sizes of the dumpster. For a small ten yard dumpster, it is best for small renovation project. But if the project is huge and will collect tons and tons of garbage, I recommended that he rents the larger 20 yard dumpster.

I also told him that he has to be very careful in choosing the size of dumpster since dumpster rental prices greatly depend on it. I reminded him that even if the dumpster is not completely filled up, he will still pay for the full amount of the dumpster rental fee; whereas, if he will choose a smaller size, he might end up paying more for additional transport fee.

It was good that he was open to my advice. Other customers are just so stubborn and insist on what they think is right and they ending up paying for more. I told him that it was wise for him to have gathered professional input in regards size of dumpster to rent since we know what is best to recommend.

He was very happy with the advice that I gave him. It did not only help him in making the right decision as to the size of dumpster to rent, he was also on time for finishing his renovation. Just like Rod, it is best to consult your dumpster rental company to get the best dumpster rental prices. They may be doing business but they are also willing to lend a helping hand.

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