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dumpster prices
Have you ever ran into a question more annoying than this?

Which dumb sentence do you like the most?

I like pie.
I love car.
Tree says hi.
I ate a dog.
I see a blue blanket above my head.
I have a snake in my pants just like animal planet.
My neighbor is holding a water gun to my head and is telling me to write crap for his amusement.
I am alive.
I am on Y!A Answers.
This car can fly.
Gas prices went down, in my pants.
Where did Michael Jackson’s other glove go?
I wonder if a boy has ever had his period.
I wonder if all these sentences make sense.
I heard Barney is back in town.
My apartment was practically full, so I moved into a local dumpster.
Does this sentence make me look fat?

I like “My apartment was practically full so I moved into a dumpster”. lol that made me laugh

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