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dumpster price
What is a fair price to pay to have someone dispose your trash for you? I need answers from everyone please…?

When I was 11 years old I use to take my neighbors trash out for tips in my condo complex. Eventually I got more people wanting me to show up at there door because they had no time or strength to carry the heavy loads of trash to the dumpsters. Overtime they couldnt even walk out their own front entrance.

I am now thinking about starting a small business in this type of service as a side job. Doorstep disposal collection for trash and recyclables. All trash would be thrown away in your communities dumpsters and all recyclables would be taken somewhere off site. I would Pick-up 1-3 times per week services would be available day or night.

I know im gonna have to research and call other companies and ask how much they charge. I’d definatley would appreciate any feed back from people who would like an amenity like this

That sounds interesting! if you had a car it be easier though but if not you could try and charge mabey 5 dollars per bag?

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