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I’d like to liquidate parent’s estate quickly. What should I do?

I’ve already tried an auction service. They came in and took most of the best furniture, then sold it for pennies and most of the stuff they took didn’t sell and I had to hire a truck and go there and get it back. Antique dealers only want Sotheby’s quality merchandise, and who has that? Estate liquidators charge high fees plus a percentage. One even told me he doubted what he could get from the estate would even cover his fee. Another auctioneer suggested I rent a roll-off dumpster and put everything in it. I admit I don’t have high-end antiques and collectibles, but this stuff must have value to someone. I’m looking for someone that will come in and give me a price for the lot and take it away – not pick and choose and only want the “good stuff.” I even tried Ebay last summer. I put some depression and carnival glass up for sale and didn’t even get a nibble. I’m tired of lugging it in and out of the house to have tag sales. Any suggestions?

Well, my opinion is, you’ve picked a wrong time to try to sell all this stuff. Not your fault, the economy is bad. Millions of people are on unemployment and not looking to buy things like what you have.
To be kind of frank about this, no insult intended, but what you wrote, you don’t seem to have any attachment to your parents things, so why not sell it for whatever you can get for it, since your tired of lugging it in and out of your yard sale. You can also call up some churches or shelters and see if there are people who can use the stuff.
You said “It must have value to someone”. Sure it does. To someone who can USE it. You said yourself it’s not high end antiques. So since it’s basically junk to you, no emotional attachment, eager to sell it, sell it and get rid of it, or give it away.
People are losing their homes at warp speed. Neither of those suggestions fancy you, guess your stuck with it.

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Written by Dumpster Man

September 2nd, 2006 at 5:35 pm