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How can I make money on my own in this economy?

I’m 16, and I used to have a job on my own (not for a company) moving people, but I have a hernia now, so I had to call it quits, right when I was starting to rise up and people were calling me to help them move. So I went out looking for a 9-5, even though I hate them and want to work for myself. Since I made all my money by moving people or selling stuff I got from dumpsters for ridiculously low prices, and even sold motorcycles at one point, I had no “previous employers” to put on my application, meaning that even the laziest people got hired before me simply because they have worked at every place in town and quit because they didn’t feel like working anymore. I’m willing to work, but since I haven’t had a “real” job I can’t find one! What are some ways I can work on my own? I have a mid-size SUV and a license, so I might be able to run errands for people or do other low stress jobs, but nobody wants to hire me at an actual business. Any ideas?

boy this is a tricky one.

have u tried fast food restaurants? ALL of them in ur area? corner stores? grocery stores? gas stations? how bout dishwasher for a restaurant?

as for working for urself.. u cud deliver things for ppl. or pick up stuff at store for a small fee. or u cud make flyers up n post them up with the services ur willing to offer with ur email/phone number on tabs.. also how bout babysitting? bringing kids to school? and ur writing? washing vehicles? any vendors that have fry or hotdog stands nearby? sometimes they like after school teens to come and work for a couple hrs during the week/weekend.

newspaper route?

these r just suggestions/ideas.

i hope they help. all the best. :D

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