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have you ever witnessed Animal Abuse, either in your community or first-hand?

In my town at Price-Cutter, my little 12 year old sister was there and someone dropped a cat off at the entrance and ran it over and it got ran over like really bad and an employee was trying to help it, but in the end the store manager had to stab the cat because it was in so much pain :(

Then, one of my neighbors told my mom that a lady dropped a bunch of kittens in one of those huge automatic trash dumpsters and my neighbor tried to grab them, and she got one, but the rest went in :(

A long time ago I was walking home from school. I went home different way I saw this guy and he had 2 by 4 and it was the size of a bat. I don’t what made me climb in a tree to see what he was going to do but I did. I watched him beat this puppy a couple of times. I got scared and ran home crying. I told my parents and they first did not believe me then they said not to get involved. I know that they were trying to protect me and shelter me. I was told not go by that house again.
Of course I didn’t listen. I woke up super early and walked back by the house and watched for a long time to see if the guy was home. He was gone,I went and checked on the puppy. It was so sweet and it came to me wagging its tail and jumping on me very affectionate. I made sure he had water and petted him for a little while then left again.
After school I went to check on him and they guy was there laying down. I saw the bat and I grab it and hit him with it and asked if he liked that. He got angry and he chased me down the block. I made it home and told my parents we had to call the police. We finally did and they took the dog to a shelter. My parents and the police agreed that we shouldn’t keep the dog. I think they were afraid that the guy would come looking for it. The cops said I was very brave and stupid for hitting him, but they understood why I did it.

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