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ADS L780 Speakers price…?

So were moving soon to a smaller house and need to get rid of what we dont use/need. My dad has a pair of old speakers he bought back in his day..like the mid 70’s or sometime. When he bought them he says they were like 700 and something, although im not sure that matters. I am going to put them on craigslist but have no idea what to price them for.

Could someone please help me??

They are a pair of old ADS L780 speakers with a 3-way bookshelf. They have been sitting in the garage in storage and were not completely sure they work but will test them sometime this week. If they do work what should I price them as? And if they dont work? Even if they dont work I figured there might be some speaker savvy person out there who might want them anyway..they’re classic lol.

PLEASE HELP! otherwise they’re going in the dumpster.

depending on how nice they look anywhere from like 180 to like 300 something so if you just want to get rid of them id say like 150 to 200 but if you wanna make money find someone to dicker with.

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