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Why do California’s business-ppl embrace and profit from bio-fuel ideas while the rest of the country….?

shuns any talk of it?

Profit is profit, last I heard. And the amount of freely available waste that can be converted to clean fuel is like untapped. There are tons of usable waste per 10,000 households, the producers of waste are just as happy to toss it into my dumpster as into one headed for the landfill.

Will investors ever see the light? Every dollar increase in the price of oil just widens the profit margin – which, unless I’m mistaken, is a good thing in the business world – but the business world seems to avoid any consideration of it like it scares them or something.

Is there anywhere or anyone in Texas interested in partnering up or doing this kind of business?
In MY case, I’m talking about “FOOD WASTE” – can be converted to ethanol, methane and biodiesel or just straight vegetable oil.

Even many California-based companies are very wary of it… it’s certainly not true that everyone here is all alt-fuel-savvy (be it ethanol, vegetable oil, etc…)… if they were, there’d be more cars converted to run on it… yet I *rarely* see one (and live in San Francisco, one of the more liberal cities in CA).

A lot of it has to do with the fact that many big companies already have tons of money invested in oil, and invested in contracts for oil (some of which are decade + long contracts), things that run on oil, etc… As time goes on and these contracts are up and there’s more money to shift around without having to cut any losses, I think they’ll shift more toward ethanol, etc…

Regardless, I think it’s all beating a dead horse. The biggest problem isn’t the resources we use… it’s the way people carelessly/recklessly use them. All the ethanol and florescent light bulbs in the world aren’t going to do any good unless we also change our consumption habits.

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