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I am 16 years old. If I have a Range Rover, people think I'm a spoiled child?

I live in a poor family, not far above the poverty line. Most of my furniture and objects from the garbage. I mean that. Maybe I have a different car soon. I Went to a dealer for a Mom loved and $ 1795. It was a very good SUV. I looked down and saw a late 80, early 90's Range Rover. Just to see how far above the budget of the family would be, I asked the price. You can imagine how my jaw hurt after hitting the floor when they told me it was $ 1500. No, do not leave out a few zeros. Thousand five hundred dollars. Total. Complete. It takes a little work, but must be able to do it and do mechanical work from time to time, and I know many people who can teach me much, but if you ask. If I had to get the Range Rover, people think I'm a spoiled child?

Check the mileage before making your decision. Too old to darling status.