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Is it cost effective – or even possible – to move a deck without dismantling it board by board?

I have a 16×20 pressure treated deck attached to the back of my house. The man who built this deck for me not only nailed straight down through the deck floor boards into the deck joists, he also nailed each board’s edge to a joist on an angle with epoxy coated nails. While this made for a fantastically solid installation, it also has made it almost impossible to get the boards up without damaging them.
I will be adding a family room where the deck currently is, so the deck has got to go. While the deck is 12 years old, it’s still in perfect condition, so I’d like to try to move it and reattach it to the new room addition. Is there a way to un-attach it from my house, jack it up, put some kind of wheels under it and move it to the new location (as I’ve seen them do with historic houses on TV)? Would this kind of thing be cost effective? Or would I be better off letting the contractor break it up, toss it in a dumpster, and start over with new materials to build a new deck?

It should be easy to move it..You may need a saws all to cut it away from the house. ANd you’ll need a couple of beams to slide under the joist.

AS for wheels you might try just using round pipe to roll it along. If your on grass you’ll need to build a road bed for the pipe to roll on. 2X12 or something like that..

Dumpster Man

Written by Dumpster Man

April 15th, 2005 at 12:16 am