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Dumpster Diving

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dumpster diving
I have a question about dumpster diving?

I just read about a lot of people finding stuff in dumpsters and on the side of the road. I was wondering if dumpster diving was illegal? I live in Montgomery AL, I’m not sure if it is different in certain areas? Thanks.

To my knowledge it’s ok if the trash is on the curb. I’d stay off people’s property though. You can’t go in people’s backyard looking through their garbage. But if it’s on the curb or on the side of the road it’s fine to go through.
I live in NJ and I’ve taken furniture from the curb. My friends would wait until trash day and go in a well to do neighborhood and look through the trash for stuff. One of my friends took a tv and it worked from the curb. My other friend took a piece of furniture left for the trash. She stripped it of the horrible paint job, stained it and gave it to her brother as a present. It was a nice piece of furniture too. I’ve also put furniture out on the curb and had people come and take it.
There was a show on tv where these two brothers would take furniture and other stuff from the curb or side of the road and turn it into something other than what it was meant for. They would ring the doorbell and leave their creation for the people where they got it from. But they didn’t have permission to take it in the first place. Hope this helps

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