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dumpster depot
Which of the following would make you feel poor?

1.Re-using the tin foil/bag your lunch came in
2.Digging in a dumpster for leftovers
3.Hunting pigeons for a meat source
4.Standing in front of Home Depot looking for work
5.Standing on a street corner looking for work
6.Getting $40 for a month of food stamps to survive
7.Ramen noodles as a main dish for “special” guests
8.Licking plates at the Outback for nourishment
9.Digging in trashcans for old beer cans/bottles to “recycle the alcohol”
10.When the Yahmster looks like a good dinner
***Disclaimer***Reporters,this is merely a question,not a life changing event. If you get a sense of humor,I can rent you one. If you find this offensive,report Elmo and Sesame street for “pushing the limits”
*can’t* was supposed to be in the disclaimer

3 hunting pigeons. I’d sell the gun. Then i’d lick plates.

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