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help. how can i open the drawer?

okay, so today my mom found this old secratary cabinet. how she loves to go ‘dumpster diving’ lol. and its pretty old. but theres one panel the won’t open and theres a keywhole. we went to home depot but the didn’t have the kind of key we need (the skeloton key wouldn’t work). see theres a little stick like thing that you can see poping out if you look really closely. and i tried using a hair pin cuz thats how weird i am but it didn’t work. i need to use soemthing thats in the shape of a circle almost so that it can grab on to the thing popping out. if you don’t understand what i mean…

it kinda looks like and l <--- if you were to look at in sideways. and thats whats popping out. i really want to know whats in that drawer thats just the way i am and want to know what i could use around the house to open it. have any ideas? i'll take any help i can get!!

You might be able to use a needlenose pliers, if you have the skinny kind.

A locksmith may be able to help you, most keep old keys, and the key that opens this is not particularly high tech. I can see in my mind’s eye, the key that probably fits, I had an old folding-top desk with a lock that sounds similar. Alas I no longer have teh desk or teh key.

Good luck!

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