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Why not donate them to charity?

So I happened to drive past Home Depot for a late night food run and passed racks and racks and racks of plants near the dumpsters. I asked the employees if they are being tossed out and if so can I have some… They said okay…

I was floored to see hundreds of plants being thrown away. Veggies, herbs and flowers…

Don’t you think that places like Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart etc
should donate their mostly viable “trash” plants to charities, community gardens and churches?

In this economy it would make sense to me. Plus I’m sure it’s a tax write off somewhere/how.

I plan to mention to my neighbor that they have so many plants to waste and see if we can make a run for more.

What I don’t plant of what I got will be given to a sweet old lady that I am doing yard work for. Pay it forward.
in our area there are some church gardens, community gardens and food banks… it would make sense to give to them

Great idea… More people are gardening now then they have in years. Maybe you can talk to the management about it. Yes a lot will not do the work when it comes to gardening. But there are the few that would love the chance. These companies have some crazy prices on these plants and those that want to may not be able to buy.

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