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We are going thru a stressful/busy time. Should my fiance still have at least bought me a card for my b-day?

We are going through alot right now. We are in the process of buying a home and to qualify for the loan his old house has to be rented out. We are painting and so on to get it looking nice for renters and have a week left to find a renter. Money is also very tight right now. Today is my birthday. he called at 4:30pm to say Happy Birthday and asked where I want to go eat, but then proceeded to say he spent alot of time at Home Depot, didn’t get much done and has to throw stuff out into the dumpster. I said don’t worry about it we have too much going on. Ok – I don’t expect much but should he have done something? At least a card? He didn’t do anything at all.

Yuor birthday isn’t over yet. Quit whining.

BAGSTER (Slideshow) seen at Home Depot 7-25-10