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What is the Most Useful Container Rental?

Container rentals come in various kinds and each of these has a specific purpose. Most of them are used for domestic reasons but there are those which are also used for industrial cause. The most familiar containers that are being used industrially are the following: wooden box, crate, drum and corrugated box. However, the most utilized container rental is a roll-off dumpster. It is most useful for people who are doing a major clean-up after a renovation or construction.

I was reminded of Sam, one of my previous customers. He called me up to rent a dumpster because he is going to assist his elderly parents who are moving out to their newly purchased condominium. Ever since he moved out of his parent’s house, it has become big for both of them. He has four other siblings who lived in their house when they were growing up. Together with his parents, they are seven household members, plus a pet dog. But because everyone has their own families and their own houses as well, Sam being the youngest was the only one left in the company of their parents. However, he was offered a job in another state so he was forced to leave home. During his visit one thanksgiving, his parents broke the news that they sold the house to buy a condo unit in the city. And they asked him to be on top of the move out.

When he called me to ask what type of container rental he can use for the move out, I mentioned that it will all depend on how much garbage of trash he will collect to complete his moving out project. Since he is very new to the concept of dumpster rental because he has never used the service prior to this, he was so open to my suggestions.

I asked him if he will have company to do the clean up. I explained to him that what we offer is mostly a dumpster rental, wherein we bring the container and just leave it there for a week. And then, haul it. He was honest enough to admit that even though his parents will help out, he doesn’t think that they can manage. So, I offered our Removal Service, which will include labor. I told him that this is best suited for his situation because aside from the dumpster rental, there will be a guy who will assist in carrying the stuff and putting them on the dumpster. But he needs to pay extra though.

He was very grateful for the services that I offered because he did not get too tired doing all the carrying and dumping. Initially, he admitted that he only wanted a container rental but after he realized that his parents collected so much stuff through the years, he knows that he cannot possibly do all the clean-up. He was also reminded that some of the items cannot possibly fit into the small space of his parent’s new house. He gave us permission to donate to charity some of the old appliances and furniture.

Jamie Labelle is a dumpster rental business owner who had been doing this for more than a decade now. Sam is only one of the many grateful customers whom Jamie helped to make his situation much simpler by offering him the right service. For more details on various types of container rental, such as roll-off dumpster, please log on to http://labelle-wastesystems.com. Know more about their on-going trade promotions and be counted as one of the participants.

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