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How should I go about contacting a roofing company about a nail in my tire they caused?

A company is doing roofing on 4 houses around my house and they have a large dumpster next to my house and one of the nails that they use is now in my tire. Should I call the company about it and if so what exactly should I say?
Edit: It is the exact nail that they use in their roofing. I actually collected samples and the tire could not be patched at 3 different places and two new tires had to be purchased by me.

Just take the nail to one of the contractor and ask are these the type of nails used in that roof, because one ended up in my driveway, then it and my tire decided to make friends now I’m out 15 bucks. I’m sure that won’t get up tight over a $15 bill, that carry insurance they cover them for millions.

The People’s Court- “Pummeling Pavement” Part 1 [‘His dumpster ruined my driveway!’]