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Comment on Commerce City search for tot’s body at landfill involved 500 people, 53 days (Denver Post)

There are many things wrong with what is stated in this article. (Direct
quotes from the article are in italics.)

First, the headline stated “toddler.” A seven-month old baby is NOT a toddler;
he is an infant or a baby. This poor child never even had a chance to begin
taking his first steps, unless he was some kind of prodigy.

Second, ” . . . whose mother smothered him, put his body in a bag and threw
him in a dumpster.” Although it is 99.99999% certain that his mother DID kill
him, until someone has been convicted, the word “allegedly” should have been
inserted. Even a beginning jouralism student knows this.

Third, “They were working through hell so one small soul could go to heaven,”
Commerce City police Sgt. Joe Dougherty said. If one believes in heaven, I
believe very strongly that babies who have died go there, whether their bodies
are found or not.

Fourth, whether one agrees that the result was worth it or not, it is just
terrible that a half-million dollars would be spent to find a body.
Unfortunately, the bodies of many good, innocent people are never found. In
any …

Denver Post

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