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Would your child have ended up in the dumpster?

This is for mothers who have surrendered or relinquished a child for adoption to answer.

In a previous question it was suggested that if expectant mothers who are considering adoption aren’t solicited for our children, then they would abandon or kill our children by leaving them in a dumpster or worse. So my question to you, mothers who have relinquished or surrendered a baby for adoption… would you have dumped your child in the dumpster?

Of course not. That is delusional, and you can tell from the persons post that she has serious entitlement issues. It is amazing to me how many Pap’s and AP’s want to belittle and stereotype the SOURCE of their supposed “miracle”. A big red flag is when they do it BEFORE they have even adopted. That indicates there is serious damage that is going to be perpetrated on the adoptee.

Seems even if expectant mother chooses adoption, they are accused of throwing their child in a dumpster. We are damned no matter what we do.

The people that adopted my child told her that I was a drug addicted prostitute that threw her in a big city dumpster. I don’t drink, and have never done drugs. I was raped by a neighbor that was unknowingly stalking me. I lived in a small country town, and am most definitely not even remotely promiscuous or have ever been. In fact, rape made me the opposite.

My daughter had to grow up with that falsified and completely ludicrous image of me (and herself, since she is part me). Thankfully, she wanted to see for herself what kind of trash she came from, and she found the truth. The only trash in her life, was coming from the mouths of the ones who adopted her.

Dinner in a dumpster.

Written by Dumpster Man

January 12th, 2006 at 6:42 pm