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The kitten living under my dumpster has decided to move in and become a cat.?

I need to get her shots & GOD KNOWS I NEED TO HAVE HER FIXED. No more cat in heat for me. My ex-wife was more fun.
I’m looking for some type of discounted services. I can pay some but not the hundreds most Vet’s quote. I’m not gonna abandon her but she needs help & I need some help to do that. Gotta be some cat savvy people out there. I’m just a dumb dog guy. I live in the St. Louis MO. area

Hey there, you should have some local organizations in the area. Most no-kill animal shelters have a program to get cats and dogs neutured for a lesser price. Try these places
(314) 771-6121 – 1463 S 18th St, St Louis, MO – 0.99mi – map
(618) 346-5213 – 298 Simpson Rd, Collinsville, IL – 10.57mi – map

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