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Is dumpster diving stealing?

I worked at a local clothing store once. When an item was “damaged” we would just throw it in a designated trash can in the stockroom of the store until the bag was full and then we would toss the bag out into the dumpster. Now some of the things they threw away were in great shape, maybe there was just some deodorant on the shirt or something where it had been tried on, or just a hole so small you couldn’t even see it. The employees could purchase this stuff but we weren’t given a discount on it, so no one ever did. Anyway, after they threw it out I would wait until late a night and go retrieve the bag out of the dumpster. Now keep in mind nothing was thrown in this bag except for clothing, no food, no drink, or anything. Was that so wrong of me to do? And is that stealing? Because the things I couldn’t use or didn’t want I did donate to our local thrift stores.

Stealing? come on, of course it isn’t, whatever the law says. I think you are showing initiative, the owners of the items gave up any ownership rights when they chucked the stuff out. Take it, enjoy the satisfaction of getting something for nothing. Its not like you often get the opportunity to obtain good stuff for no money. You are also helping the enviroment by saving landfill space. This is what recycling should really be about. You done a GOOD thing. Keep it up.

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