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Why aren’t the anti-smoking zealots….?

out here in CA campaigning against the marijuana initiative? Their propaganda against “big tobacco” is on TV nearly everyday. Groups like truth.com put on idiotic commercials all the time and stage protests. Why aren’t they coming out against smoking pot? Pot smoke has more cancer causing agents than tobacco. This isn’t about comparing it to alcohol or being a gateway drug or anything like that. This is strictly about the smoking aspect. If tobacco smokers are made out to be modern day lepers, banished to back alleys and dumpster smoking areas, why are they silent on this issue? They should be at the forefront urging NO votes. If they endorse pot smoking, aren’t they being hypocritical? Where’s the fight against “big marijuana”?

Big marijuana? Really?
I believe that the state should not be allowed to tell me what I am allowed to smoke, drink or eat. If I am stupid enough to put something in my body that’s bad for me that should still be my choice. “Conservatives” want to scream about less government? Let’s start repealing invasive laws.

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