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small rental car damage. what to do??

I was backing the rental car and ran into a dumpster. The rear light cap was broken on one side. there is also a small dent and paint scarp.

I have declined Enterprise’s insurance because my credit card ( capital one No Hassle VISA) has coverage. I wonder what’s the best way to handle the situation:

1) Should I just tell the rental car company and see if they can take care of the repair? is it usually more expensive or cheaper to let the rental company to take care of it?

2) I am the additional car holder of the credit card. I wonder if I can still make the claim? I also have an additional driver on the rental contract. She is the primary holder of the VISA.

3) I heard that the coverage is only good for rentals within 15 days? I rented the car for 60 days.

Any advice is highly appreciated!

Every credit card has different provisions for when they will pay and when they will not pay for rental car damage. You need to call Capital One to get your answers.