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Home Composting Do’s and Don’ts – and How It Can Save You Money

Compost is plant matter that has been decomposed and is recycled. This material is then used as fertilizer and soil for growing all sorts of things. People use the process of composting in order to maintain their gardens. These can be floral gardens or vegetable gardens. There are many things to consider when it comes to composing. Understanding this process is the best way to get the most out of composting.


This process is used a lot in organic gardening. Organic gardening is done by people who want to avoid the use of traditional fertilizers or pesticides. There are large food producers that practice this type of composting. The process is also used when it comes to landscaping and horticulture.


The financial benefits of composting play a role in its popularity. There are a number of mixtures used in the composting process. Some people use coffee grounds and other discarded food sources to make compost. This provides them with a mixture that is cheap, as well as, good for the soil. Composting is important for the soil itself, and the financial benefits it offers many people.


Looking at the specifics related to composting will help you to profit from it. Here are some of the great tips related to composting. Use them to enhance this process and the advantages you can enjoy.


Don’t allow compost to dampen only in the middle


This is one of the problems associated with composting. There are a number of reasons that this problem can occur. If your pile is too small, you may experience this issue. The weather will always play a role in this process. When the temperature is cold, this can arise. The most preferable pile of compost is at least three feet high and three feet wide. If your pile is stored in some sort of bin, it doesn’t have to be as large.


Do make sure that your pile has proper ingredients


There are specific ingredients needed to have good compost. Your pile must have nitrogen, oxygen, and moisture. Along with these things you are going to want the proper temperature. Materials like manure and grass clippings will ensure that there is enough nitrogen in your compost. Oxygen can be introduced into the pile when it is allowed to breathe. This is something to consider when packaging or arranging your compost pile.


Don’t forget to have carbon in your compost


If you notice that your pile smells like ammonia, there may be a problem. This generally means that there is not enough carbon. Brown materials are perfect additions for this step of the process. You can incorporate hay and leaves to answer this problem. Remember to keep watch of your pile to ensure that it has what it needs to progress. Piles will progress differently depending on their size and the environment. You will find many uses for your compost once it is ready.


Do make sure there are appropriate materials in your pile


Meat, oil, and bones are not appropriate components for your compost pile. These are items that will attract problems to this process. Rodents will find their way to your compost. Other animals may be attracted as well.

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