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wondering where i can get ivermectin( for mange) and if i NEED a vet prescription for it?

i found a kitten about a week ago by a dumpster behind a chinease restaurant …. he was knockin on deaths door … his eyes were swollen shut with puss and he has fleas… and mange … but i couldnt just leave him there… does anyone know where i might be able to get ivermectin or some kind of mange killer and affordable… moneys running pretty low these days … but he deffinetly has mange. his tail has almost no hair plus i washed him and saw dry skin patches …

Try calling a vet and ask. I know where you can get ivermectin tablets without prescription. I have ordered them through canadian POMpharmacy.com twice, but I am not sure if those the same you need for you pet. Probably not. Good luck anyway.

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